If you are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you are certainly familiar with XrmToolBox, the experts' preferred tool. If you don't know him, go to the following site: https://www.xrmtoolbox.com


The plugins offered on this page are all integrated into the XrmToolBox tool library. Here you will find the user guides to make the most of them.

Role comparator

This tool allows you to compare one or more security roles with one or more other security roles. It requires to be familiar with rights management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Click on the "Load Roles" button to load all the security roles present on the organization to which you are connected.

Select one or more security roles to compare on the left and right of the screen. When multiple security roles are selected, the privileges displayed correspond to the sum of the maximum privileges applied to each security role.


Click on the "Find differences" button to compare the selected roles on the left and the selected roles on the right.

The entities are distributed in different tabs, as they are in the "Security role" form on Dynamics CRM.

Please note that, however, certain standard roles can be broken down in the "Custom entities" tab.


When the privileges are identical on both sides, they are symbolized by the following icons in a dimmed color.

The privilege associated with the security roles on the left is "deep", the privilege associated with the security roles on the right is "local".

When the privileges are different, they are symbolized by the brightly colored pictograms presenting the respective privileges of the respective Security Roles on the left and on the right.


Example :

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